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A community where you can THRIVE!

Jesus said ... "I have come that they might have life and have it to the full" John 10:10
Service Times: Sunday 10:00am & 5:30pm

Unless the Lord builds the house...

I've been really wrestling recently with the tension between our work and God's work.  I think we need to bring all the best of our preparation and "performance" to our ministry (whatever it is); we can't be casual about serving God and his people.  And yet there is the very real reality that I can work my little heart out, but have no impact in people's lives - because I'm not their God, I'm not their Saviour, I'm not the power to effect transformation in their hearts.  Only God - Father, Son and Spirit - can do that.  So my big prayer at the moment, in my life and for our church, is that God would be doing the work, and that I'm just on board with that.  I will do my best... but often my best is to be praying for God's Spirit to be working his will in his people.

About Us


Wodonga District Baptist Church has a vision to Thrive!

We strive to be a community where people can flourish, thrive and experience the "life to the full" that Jesus said he came to give (John 10:10 NIV). The only way for anyone to thrive is through Jesus. Jesus said "... Remain in me ... apart from me you can do nothing" (John 15:4-5 NIV). We want to help every person come to know Jesus and grow ever closer in relationship with Him.

Thriving is not just a feeling, it is an out working of having faith and trust in Jesus.

These key statements capture the heart of what it means to Thrive!

We thrive when we ...

     Obey God whatever the Cost

     Trust God whatever the Circumstances

     Share Christ whatever the Response

     Have Faith whatever the Obstacles


We are transforming people who are far from God into vitally empowered servants of Jesus

Core Values

Christ Centeredness

Jesus Christ is the head of our church

Biblical Basis

The Bible is God's Word and the primary authority for knowing God's revelation


We strive to worship God in every facet of our lives


We are a church devoted to prayer

Loving Christian community

We are a church that is committed to love and care for one another


God wants us to grow to be more like Jesus


We offer humble service to others, by using our abilities, skills, resources and spiritual gifts for God's glory


We strive to be a church that is open, transparent, moral and just


We have a passion to share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone


We welcome all people - no matter who they are or what they have done

Wodonga & District Baptist Church
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